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Self-Healing And Knowing Your Worth with Yasmine Cheyenne

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Get Loved Up Podcast, Koya Webb talks to Yasmine Cheyenne. Yasmine talks about setting up healthy boundaries, not to isolate yourself, but to ensure that you have more to give to the people, places, and things that matter to you. She also talks about acknowledging one’s pain and taking on the responsibility of working towards self-healing.

Episode Notes

Yasmine Cheyenne is a self-healing educator, author, speaker, and mental wellness advocate committed to helping people build healthy, joyful lives. Yasmine believes in “Self-healing For Everyone™” and on 2/22/22, launched The Sugar Jar® Community app, a safe space to develop self-awareness, learn boundaries, and find resources to support your mental health. 

Her expertise has been featured in top media such as The Today Show, Forbes, InStyle Magazine, Refinery29, and she has had partnerships with EmergenC and Two Chairs Therapy, amongst other wellness and mental health companies.  Yasmine was also recently featured as a speaker at TEDxRutgersCamden on the topic of “How Boundaries Make Space For The Sweet Things In Life’.  

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03:54 Experiencing mental health problems while in the military 

06:38 How to identify signs of mental health problems 

11:31 Why do you feel the need to always say yes?

18:10 Set boundaries for sleep and recovery

22:53 Question your values every once in a while

24:49 People need the space to acknowledge their own trauma

33:14 Your healing is your responsibility 

34:17 Self-care beyond the bubble baths

39:51 Yasmine's recommendations


10:10 Yasmine: "I think, that's how we begin to prioritize our time and space and our energy, by recognizing that we don't have control over everything but there are a lot of things that we do have control over and how we spend our time a lot of the times outside of work, outside of kids. We do have those pockets of time that could be dedicated to ourselves. I think it's important to ask ourselves what we do in those moments."

12:15 Yasmine: "It can get really hard when you are literally holding everyone else and feel like no one's holding you. The invitation is to ask yourself what it would feel like to allow people to figure out how to deal with their own issues, to maybe not have access to calling you after a certain time, to give yourself the attention and energy that you're pouring into everyone else."

23:02 Yasmine: "Whatever it is that you identify as, it's so important to question it because sometimes we're limiting ourselves by these ideas of what we think we have to be. And it may not actually be fulfilling what we want to be in alignment with."

33:27 Yasmine: "The reason that we want to have space for the people, places, and things that we love is so that when we connect to people, we experience the joy of vulnerability. We experience the joy of connection. We experience the joy of being in a relationship with people." 

33:42 Yasmine: "If I struggle with my worthiness, then I'm also going to struggle with believing that the people I'm in a relationship, truly want to be here."

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