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Yoga, As A Way Of Life And Philosophy with Laruga Glaser

Episode Summary

Joining Koya Webb in this episode of the Get Loved Up Podcast is Laruga Glaser. Laruga shares her journey tapping different Yoga types over the years and why she chooses the more restorative practice.

Episode Notes

Laruga Glaser has been practicing Ashtanga yoga continuously for over 23 years. Starting at the beginning of her 20s, she was immediately drawn to the practice after working with other forms of yoga years prior. After establishing a committed practice she then deepened her studies traveling to Mysore, India annually to practice at KPJAYI where the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois taught and now his grandson, R. Sharath Jois teaches. Laruga has made more than 14 trips to Mysore and is on a mission to continue to learn and grow as a student as well as a teacher. She is one of the few in the world who have been given the distinction of being certified to teach up to Advanced B, which is not easily given and takes many years to earn. Through it all, Laruga teaches as an act of deep sharing and love for what yoga develops in each individual, facilitating space to open, challenge, and inspire those to realize their inherent potential, and has been personally invited all over the world to do so.

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